Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ATL Housewives: Watch Your Mouth These Georgia Peaches BITE BACK!

Last night was the finale of what I would like to call a very shamefully entertaining season of Real Housewives (Atlanta Edition). Although they didn't go out with the grand closing I was expecting I'm sure that next week’s reunion show will DEFINITELY not disappoint.

Ok so all season long we've been watching the ATL housewives in disbelief or even at times in disgust at what they do and more often say. That old saying that wealthy people like saying to seem humble needs to be introduced to these ladies. Talking about money IS and will ALWAYS be TACKY and very TASTELESS. Am I the only person who fell out laughing when DeShwan said that she knew she “was always destined for great things”. Yes people being an NBA wife now qualifies as a major accomplishment. The girls in her foundation have so much to look up to and one day they will be the ones directing people to GOOGLE them. THE AUDACITY!

As for the reunion show next week, I think we’ll be getting the REAL stories of these “REAL” housewives. Here I was all this time thinking that the ATL ladies where the realest cast that Bravo has ever casted in the history of Real Housewives. Of the many rumors that have been flying around one is that Sheree has a 23 year old daughter whom she refers to as her friend, TSK TSK! Another big one is that Lisa lost a custody battle (to R&B singer Kieth Sweat, father of her two older children) because she was a coke head. Something however that is not hear say is that Lisa wants to beat Kim’s ass down for starting that rumor (My money is on Lisa). I thought Atlanta peaches were supposed to be sweet, LOL!

Sincerely Valentina

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The calm before the STORM

As I painfully await the unveiling of Verizon's Blackberry Storm I have to admit that it's going to be a bitter sweet moment for me. Painful??? yes painful as I am with the network that they call T-mobile and if you didn't know the storm will be exclusively for Verizon ( like the sidekick to T-mobile). I do have the option of getting an unlocked storm but taking the chance of my screen getting frozen because of some glitch in the system is something that I can not risk. For those of us who are blackberry users we know that a BB is more like a BFF or for some who don't have children our babies ( yeah I said it! my BB is my baby).

However I feel that I really have nothing to worry about there has never been a blackberry that wasn't re-released on another network. I doubt that the people over at RIM will be able to keep the storm exclusive to Verizon as it has NEVER done so with any other blackberry or network.

But until further notice I will happily and patiently be waiting to hear all of the problems that the first flock of storms will have because we all know the first ones out are just drafts a.k.a ginnie pigs.

Sincerely Valentina

Friday, September 19, 2008

My first post is ALL ABOUT ME :)

My name is Valentina…I was born Feb 14th in Bronx NY, raised by a Dominican mother , grew up with three sisters and three brothers...I was a good child I never cried for toys when we went to Alexanders...I'm a hardcore fan of karma...When I love its unconditional and that love is always accompanied by loyalty...I despise being bored...I quote Coco Chanel daily.

Im a savvy, eclectic free spirited thinker...My family is big, loud, unpredictable, we depend on each other way to much but I wouldn’t have it any other way because that’s what makes us unique...Im addicted to starbucks and have been told that I need to go to rehab because I abuse it...The only way I enjoy listening to music is if its earthshakingly loud...I don’t adapt to anything that is always expected.

I take nothing for granted. I read Nutrition Facts as if it were poetry...I believe crying is a sign of weakness and get pissed at myself when I feel tears forming...Im overambitious and adore people who are too...Im not a jealous person and if I ever told you I was it was only because I felt you were in need of a slight ego boost.

I love peanut butter and eat it with a spoon as a snack...Never a follower, I wish to emulate no one but the better me that I will become(feel free to quote me on that)...My grandma always told me “stay away from misery because it loves company and notice that little people who question ones dreams and ambition always tend to be the weak ” I know now that she was right.

I lose track of time and spend hours shopping at Target(you know you do too)...I’ve closed down Barnes and Noble...My passion is Fashion and I've accepted my destiny with it(SO DRAMATIC,hahaha)...I prefer guys 6’4 and a half or better but I’ll let you slide on lacking one or two inches if you can make me smile often.

I believe when you refuse to accept nothing but the best you often get it...I get butterflies in my stomach when I spot a fierce pair of shoes...I always think on the positive side then construe my thoughts as a realist would...I Google EVERYTHING!

I don’t mind if you misjudge me, it only means you don’t understand me and that just validates my theory that I truly am ahead of my now you know a bit about me and you've been invited into getting to know me….Welcome to my world! XOXO***